Space Fighter VR

Space Fighter VR is a mobile, vurtual reality headset space shooter that is currently on Google Play. It required the use of a bluetooth Android joystick. Any bluetooth joystick should work, however here are links of the two I have used with the game:

Matricom G-Pad
Storm Portable Wireless Bluetooth Remote

Here is my favorite VR Headset:

Pasonomi VR

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Space Fighter VR

Ratings and Reviews

This game is not yet released and there are no reviews to share.

“This is an example of someone who is trying not to make shovelware! Tested on an older S4 and it plays without lag. The frame rate and controls are all acceptable, a useful settings menu, and good consistent graphics. Played with a Moga Power controller and all the buttons where easily understood. Make sure you setup your headset properly first, as you'll probably be in for a while. I didn't, and became too caught up in the action to loosen my straps up and gave myself a headache! 5 stars for an actual, playable game! ”
5 Stars


“What a great game! Nothing like looking around seeing space all around you then blowing up some ships. Controls are swell and the attention to small details in the ship had me in awe. The only think I would like to see is maybe bump up the cross hair a touch so I'm looking more through the window but I do understand if it was real you probably would be looking down at your instruments instead of directly at the ship. Can't wait to see more progress for this already terrific achievement! ”
5 Stars

Matt Lew

“Best space flight physics!! Great game!, just wish I could map the controller myself, and it would be great to have analog stick support instead of digital. Other than that, this an awesome simulator!! ”
5 Stars

Andrew Lea

Developer Blogs

Developer updates on VR Fighter.

Radar Issue staring at level 3

Feb 4th

there is an issue with the radar starting at level 3. The game loses the radar blips locations, and then on the next level they no longer appear.


New Game, VR Fighter

Jan 1st

Creating a ned game called VR Fighter. It is based on the code from the Phoenix Run Fly game in Development. This title is for android VR headsets, and requires a bluetooth joystick.